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Migraine Buddy's Automatic Sleep Diary Is Now On iOS!

Now you can track your sleep along with your migraines!

Version 11.9 of Migraine Buddy is here and it features an Automatic Sleep Diary which records your sleep timings and helps you see how sleep is affecting your migraines. And that's not all- Migraine Buddy also became the first headache/migraine app to be available on the Apple Watch!
Why Do I Need An Automatic Sleep Diary?
Ever wondered if your sleep variations could be a trigger of your migraines?
Studies have shown strong correlations of bad sleep patterns and onset of migraines. In fact, many of you have told us the same - lack of sleep is one of the top three triggers for migraines along with anxiety and stress which in themselves are often correlated to sleep issues. Furthermore, sleep is the top non-medication remedy for migraine relief.
Recording your sleep timings manually everyday would be an extremely tedious task. Most nights we want to go straight to bed and not bother with anything else! We want to help you identify if sleep could be a trigger for you which is why we introduced the Automatic Sleep Diary in the latest Migraine Buddy update! 
How Does It Work?
The sleep diary automatically detects and tracks your sleep timings. Just use the phone as you normally would and the app will detect your sleep timings and show them to you in the morning! Soon you can see your sleep patterns and how sleep affects your migraines. Here is how you can set up and use the sleep diary.


When you first tap on the sleep diary option on your home screen, you will be asked for certain permissions. These permissions are simply to ensure that the Migraine Buddy sleep diary can work through your device. Follow these steps to activate the sleep diary:


Make sure you enter your usual sleep and wake up timings by going into settings. This can help the app learn about your sleep patterns over time and link them to your migraines. Here's how you can set your sleep timings:


You can view the sleep timings you confirm each morning in a list here:

Once you start using the sleep diary, you can view your sleep patterns over time. To do this, can add your sleep data to the dashboard of your Apple Health Kit. Here's how you can do that:

Migraine Buddy Is Also Available On The Apple Watch!
Now you can also access Migraine Buddy from your Apple Watch. Find the Migraine Buddy icon on your Watch and tap it to start a migraine. If you are migraine free, the app will show a blue ring and when you have an ongoing migraine, you will see a pink ring.
Tapping the Migraine Buddy icon will also open the app on your phone. 
And you can also confirm your sleep times through the Apple Watch!
Check out the sleep diary now! Make sure you update your app here:
Let us know what you think of the new updates! We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch with us by commenting below or by emailing us at
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