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Migraine Buddy Ambassador Program

Migraine Buddy is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of those with migraines. Join us to make a positive impact on the migraine community!

How can I help?

At Migraine Buddy, we believe everyone has something that they can contribute. As an Ambassador, you can effect change by facilitating introductions to your community or start initiatives to influence others.

1. Introduce Migraine Buddy to your community

  • Introduce us to your School to incorporate Migraine Buddy into part of the Health & Wellness Program
  • Introduce us to your Company  to incorporate Migraine Buddy to their Corporate Health Program
  • Introduce us to your Doctor/Hospital to form research partnerships
  • or anyone else who might be interested in working with us to promote migraine-tracking and advance migraine research!

2. Start Initiatives to Influence Others

  • Help us conduct migraine-tracking workshops in your community e.g. schools, workplace, community centers
  • or any other event ideas which we could support you in!

We're always happy to discuss other collaboration opportunities at

How will Migraine Buddy empower me as an Ambassador?

  • Work closely with the team to shape the future of the Migraine Buddy community
  • Priority consideration for Migraine Buddy Seed Fund which can help to offset the cost of your migraine-related initiatives
  • Exclusive chat group just for you to build and manage your own community on Migraine Buddy 
  • Connect to the exclusive network of Migraine Buddy Ambassadors through our Facebook group so we may all celebrate each other's success
  • Migraine Buddy Ambassador Badge for your profile, CV or LinkedIn

How do I become an Ambassador?

You can apply here to get started.

You should hear from us within 5 working days to get know each other better and figure out how we can best work together to help the migraine community.

If you have any questions, do drop me an email at with the title: [MB Ambassador]

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