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Introducing The New Migraine Calendar!

New updates to the Migraine Buddy Calendar are here and we are very excited to share them with you!
Where's My Sleep Graph?

Many of you told us you found the sleep graph difficult to read and that you wanted to see your sleep alongside your migraines. That’s why we decided to include your sleep record together with your migraine entries in the Migraine Calendar. 

The calendar now allows you to view all your sleep and migraines at a glance - this can be very useful for you as well as your doctor.

If you slept for a shorter time than usual and got a migraine the next day, you can easily pinpoint that on the calendar.

Here's what your calendar looks like now:

                                                                    Your sleep and migraines in one place
Add Or Edit Entries

You can also record a new migraine or a sleep entry straight from the calendar by tapping on the date you want to record for.

                                                   Easily make changes to all your entries through the new calendar
Your Daily Notes

You can access your daily notes by tapping on the sleep entry of the day you want to write notes for.

These notes can be used to record anything you want, including how you slept, food and drink, doctor visits, preventative medication, etc. 

                                 You can write anything in your daily notes (doctor's appointment,food and drinks,etc)
Have Some Questions?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email our Customer Care Officer, Jenny Lee, at 

We were able to make the update thanks to your feedback. Thanks for your support and keep sending us great ideas!

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