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Identify your Triggers!

Why and How to use Daily Tracker

What is Daily Tracker?

Daily Tracker is a Migraine Buddy section which allows you to track things on a daily basis without having to connect it with a migraine record!

Why use it and How to use it?

Let's read to discover more!

Why use the Daily Tracker?

Do you know what triggers could or could not be causing your migraines?

The Daily Tracker can help you assess your triggers likelihood.

After 10 days of use of Daily Tracker associated to 3 migraine records, you will see in your report:

  • Your most Likely Triggers 
  • Your most Unlikely Triggers

How to use the Daily Tracker?

You have no idea about your triggers? Or you want to identify new ones?

Let's go to Daily Tracker and let's take an example!

Mary is 33 and she has four migraines per month. She knows some of her triggers but she would like to find new ones and adopt good habits to avoid them. So everyday, she goes to Daily Tracker and tracks what could potentially trigger her migraines:

Monday was stressful because she had a very important meeting.

On Tuesday, she could not sleep because of a neck pain.

As she was exhausted, she woke up 2h late on Wednesday.

Tuesday was particularly sunny!

But not for a long time since the air was very humid and it started storming on Friday.

On top of that, Mary drinks everyday a cup of coffee and eats a piece of chocolate so she added them as well. Of course, if she consumes them everyday and if she doesn't get any migraine, these items are unlikely to be triggers.

But let's imagine she doesn't drink her cup of coffee this Friday and after that she gets a migraine? Yes, migraines may be triggered by the absence or the forgetting of one habit. So Mary prefers to record it to see it everyday and avoid forgetting it!

Indeed, Mary has a migraine this Friday, so she records it. On the triggers screen, the triggers that she has previously selected in the Daily Tracker appear now in different colors according to her date record, like in the Daily Tracker. It enables her to not forget potential triggers which arose the past few days:

And the triggers she selects here and all those she selected in her previous records will appear in a Top 3 Triggers in her report, with the Likely and Unlikely triggers!

What else could Mary have tracked in the Daily Tracker?

Mary could also have recorded:

  • her meals and her drinks
  • her mood and her physical shape
  • her medication, her vitamins and her food supplement 
  • her menstruation
  • the extreme changes in weather
  • ...

To get the most use out of this, Mary could also has used the tools in Daily Tracker to adjust and complete her Tracker according to her way of life!

Please click here to learn how to use them!

We hope this guide serves you well in navigating through the new additions to Migraine Buddy!

We are continuously looking to develop our features so we would love to hear feedback from our users on whether you like it or what needs to be improved. You can email to, or simply drop us a comment below. If you wish to support us and like what we are doing, 5-star ratings and reviews on the Google Play store really encourages our team to provide better and faster functions!

If you haven’t updated Migraine Buddy on your phone yet, don't hesitate, do it now!

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