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Get Started With Migraine Buddy!

We are thrilled that you gave Migraine Buddy a chance to help you better manage your migraines! Here are some useful tips for getting started with the app.
The "Bother Me Later" Button
After tapping Record A Migraine Now, should you at any time feel that you can’t go on looking at your phone, tap the Bother Me Later button which can be found at the bottom left corner of every screen in the Migraine Buddy wizard-you can even do this right after the first screen.
After you have tapped Bother Me Later, you will see the Migraine Buddy icon appear on the top of your screen as well as a notification reminding you that you have a migraine entry running. When you are ready to complete this entry, tap on the notification and continue editing.
Sleep Notifications
If you just downloaded Migraine Buddy, don’t be alarmed if the next morning you get a sleep notification! This is a period of time during with Migraine Buddy’s sleep diary thinks you were asleep. If the time is accurate, tap Yes and if you feel it is not accurate, tap No. If you tap No, you will be taken to the sleep log screen where you can edit your sleep timings. Find out more about the sleep diary here.
Leave Feedback!
All of the updates made to Migraine Buddy since its launch in July 2014 have been based on your suggestions and ideas! We want to listen to everything you have to say: the good and the bad. That’s why we have made it easy for you to reach us from within the app. To leave feedback, go to the top left corner of your home screen and choose the Leave Feedback option. You can also head to User Voice to share your suggestions and vote for ideas shared by other Migraine Buddy users!
Check Out More Tips!
Want to find out more? You can read helpful tips here.
If you have any questions for us, please feel free to email Jenny Lee our Customer Care Officer who would love to help you out! She can be reached at
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