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Daily Tracker Options

To get the most use out of this!

At the bottom of the Daily Tracker screen, you have four options:

  • Remove items: to remove some items of your triggers list if you know they are not triggers.
  • Arrange items: to change the organization of your triggers and make some of them appear on the top.
  • Add New: to add new triggers and have a more precise follow-up.
  • Catch: to make triggers guilty or non-guilty and avoid tracking them everyday. 

Add New Items

To get the most use out of this, you may wish to add more than one trigger out of each category you wish to track.

The best part of this is the freedom to use it for a lot of other triggers so that it is personalized for the type of triggers that you are usually affected by. Feel free to explore it, be it medication (include dosage), quality of sleep (whether you feel well rested or not), varying amounts of caffeine (1 cup, 2 cups, more), etc. You can also select an icon according to the category of your new trigger.

Then, when you write your new trigger, you can have suggestions and see how many users are tracking the same! You will see that you are never the only one!

On the following example, more than 20.000 users record chocolate as a trigger!

Catch your triggers!

The "Catch" option allows to make a trigger guilty or non-guilty.

To do it, select the option and press it a long time. Then, you judge it as guilty or non-guilty and it will remove it to the Catch list and you won't need to track it everyday (picture on the left).

To see your caught triggers list, you can click on the Catch icon on the top, to the right of Daily Tracker. The guilty ones are in red and the innocent ones are in blue (picture on the right). If you want to remove them from this list to keep tracking them, just long click them.

After recording your triggers for several days, the Catch option will give you the likelihood of your trigger to be guilty or non-guilty to help you choose:

This feature to catch your triggers is essential in ensuring you do not have to keep selecting the same icons every day – once it is identified (whether on your own or by the ‘likely and unlikely triggers’ reports), it will be one less thing to worry about in entering your migraine records! Since triggers vary greatly, all your Catches can be removed and added at any point of time.

We hope this guide serves you well in navigating through the new additions to Migraine Buddy!

We are continuously looking to develop our features so we would love to hear feedback from our users on whether you like it or what needs to be improved. You can message us on Facebook or email to, or simply drop us a comment below. If you wish to support us and like what we are doing, 5-star ratings and reviews on the Google Play store really encourages our team to provide better and faster functions!

If you haven’t updated Migraine Buddy on your phone yet, do it now! This update will require you to allow the Play Store to update your app.

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