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6 Useful Tips : Make The Most Out Of Your Buddy Tab!

Connect With Your Loved Ones

Many of you told us you would like to share your migraine experiences with family, friends and other migraine sufferers like yourself, so we decided to make it easier for you to find your very own “migraine buddies” through the app.
What is Buddy Tab?

You will notice that your home screen has changed a little bit. There is a new Buddy tab which allows you to add friends and family, view their migraine status and write your own status as well. You can add a status by typing in the “Share How You Feel” space and can delete it by tapping on the X.

How do I add a Buddy?
The Buddy tab will show you a list of your existing contacts which makes it super easy to add buddies. Tap on your Buddy’s email and a request will be sent to them. Your Buddy will have to accept your request for you two to be connected. Once you are connected you can see each other’s statuses.
What if the Buddy I want to connect with isn't using Migraine Buddy?

No worries, send him/her a quick email invitation! Make sure you check which email they are using for their Migraine Buddy account. You may be adding them with an email which is different to the one they use for Migraine Buddy.

You can also use the Buddy function to let your family and friends without migraines know how you are feeling. All they have to do is download the app and add you!

How do I accept a Buddy invitation?
When a Buddy sends you an invitation to connect, you will get a notification on the top right corner of your home screen. After tapping on the notification, you can choose whether you want to accept or decline the invitation.
What if I don't want to use the Buddies tab?
Don’t want to use the Buddy function and be found through your email? No problem- you can change the settings to hide your profile.
How about giving the Buddy function a try by adding Migraine Buddy to your list?

You can add us via this email address:  

We will keep you up to date with some useful tips and tricks and what we are working on!

If you haven’t updated Migraine Buddy on your phone yet, do it now! This update will require you to allow the Play Store to update your app.
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