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11 Useful Tips: Make the most out of Migraine Buddy

We are thrilled that you gave Migraine Buddy a chance to help you better manage your migraines! Here are some useful tips for getting started with the app.

Also available in français and español!

Tip 1: Enter a past migraine
Want to enter a migraine that happened, say, 5 days ago? It’s easy to do- just follow these steps:

  • Tap Record A Migraine Now on your home screen and you will be taken to the start and end time screen
  • Choose the Input Time option on the far right: here you can enter a past date by changing the day, month and year then selecting a time
  • Do the same for the end time
  • Continue recording the rest of the migraine as usual
Tip 2: Bother me later
Often when a migraine strikes, we tend to lose our ability to think, let alone scroll through our phone. Migraine Buddy’s Bother Me Later option makes it super simple to track a migraine at times like these.
After tapping Record A Migraine Now, should you at any time feel that you can’t go on looking at your phone, tap the Bother Me Later button which can be found at the bottom left corner of every screen in the Migraine Buddy wizard-you can even do this right after the first screen.
After you have tapped Bother Me Later, you will see the Migraine Buddy icon appear on the top of your screen as well as a notification reminding you that you have a migraine entry running. When you are ready to complete this entry, tap on the notification and continue editing.
Tip 3: Add Custom Entries
Can’t find a trigger or symptom for your migraine in the preset option? No problem- it’s easy to add your own custom entry! Your custom entry will be saved for future migraine entries. You can do this for almost all the screens including location and affected activities!

Tip 4: Skip screens that are not relevant to you.

Did you know that you don’t have to answer every single question in Migraine Buddy in order to confirm a migraine entry? If you feel something doesn’t apply to you simply skip the screen and proceed to the summary.

Tip 5: Expand the Pain Location screen

What in the world are those two little spots on the right side of the pain location screen? Well, we realize that some of you may have small screens which can be troublesome when choosing a pain location. These two spots indicate that you can expand the screen by pinching out.

Tip 6:  Edit a Past Entry
Forgot to add something in a migraine entry you made earlier? No problem- all you have to do is go to the migraine calendar and click on the date your migraine was on. Choose the migraine you want to edit by tapping on it and you should see the summary screen. Edit away and then confirm! If you would like to view your migraine entries in the old list view, tap the icon on the top right corner of the migraine calendar.
Tip 7: Notes Screen
The notes section is a helpful for jotting down any extra details related to your migraines. Migraine Buddy users have reported using the notes section for noting down the time they took a medicine, whether the pain increased or decreased, what they ate during the day and so forth.  You can find the notes section in the Summary screen of the app- just tap on it and start typing.
Tip 8: Filter Your Migraine Report
If you need to see how many migraines you had within a certain period of time, you can easily do so within the Migraine Buddy report. Right at the top of the reports section, you have the option to select a start and end time for the period you wish to view.
Tip 9: Confirm Your Sleep Notification
If you just downloaded Migraine Buddy, don’t be alarmed if the next morning you get a sleep notification! This is a period of time during with Migraine Buddy’s sleep diary thinks you were asleep. If the time is accurate, tap Yes and if you feel it is not accurate, tap No. If you tap No, you will be taken to the sleep log screen where you can edit your sleep timings. Find out more about the sleep diary here.
Tip 10: Leave Feedback
All of the updates made to Migraine Buddy since its launch in July 2014 have been based on your suggestions and ideas! We want to listen to everything you have to say: the good and the bad. That’s why we have made it easy for you to reach us from within the app. To leave feedback, go to the top left corner of your home screen and choose the Leave Feedback option. You can also head to User Voice to share your suggestions and vote for ideas shared by other Migraine Buddy users!
Tip 11: Share your migraine status
Want to let your friends and family know when you are having a migraine? By tapping the share button on the top right corner of your screen, you can now share your migraine status on Facebook!
What did you think of these tips? Have more ideas? We love hearing from you! Write to us at or visit our User Voice page. 
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