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    • Ranked as the #1 migraine tracking app by AxonOptics
    •  Named the Best Migraine App by Healthline in 2016 & 2019
    •  Assessed as "far more useful" than other migraine tracking apps by Tech in Asia

  • Fast & Simple Migraine Recording

    Recording a migraine is a breeze. If diaries and pen and paper notes no longer work for you, Migraine Buddy offers an intuitive interface with an easy-to-use wizard style questionnaire.

    Communicate with your Doctor more easily

    Provides insightful and detailed reports for your  migraines. It helps identify potential triggers and lifestyle factors which could cause migraines. Also, it helps your doctor to assess the effectiveness of prescribed medication and relief methods. 

    Intelligent Features

    Features an intelligent sleep detection system which correlates sleep with the onset of migraines. It can automatically track your sleeping pattern.

    Connect With Your Loved Ones

    The buddies tab lets you see if your loved ones are having a migraine and they can also see if you are having one. Both of you can update your status to share how you feel.

    Identify your Triggers

    Daily Tracker module on Android allows you to track your potential triggers every day to see which ones are the likely causes of your migraines. 
    Easy to prevent them in future!

    Weather and Pressure Forecast​

    Stay updated by weather details and 2-days pressure forecast in Migraine Buddy and plan your day activities ahead. Our City Buddy chat allows you to see the number of people around you who are having a migraine.


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